Academy and Lecturers

Ladavius Academy is a leading provider of postgraduate education, offering students a truly exceptional educational experience.


With over 1000+ enrolled students from around the world, Ladavius Academy has established itself as a premier institution for advanced learning.

Our Lecturers

Susan Baker

Cork, Ireland

Susan, our esteemed Senior eLearning Consultant, whose illustrious career spans over 30 years in the field of education. Armed with a wealth of experience as a dedicated teacher, Susan brings a deep understanding of pedagogy and a passion for fostering effective learning environments. Her dedication to creating engaging and effective eLearning experiences is reflected in her role as a guiding force for our academic community.

Ellen Shokalo

Cork, Ireland

With a rich tapestry of 12 years in education, Ellen is an accomplished teacher, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics. She has had the privilege of conveying knowledge to over 1000 students, a subset of whom were honored medical professionals. Over the past 5 years, Ellen collaborated with pharmaceutical industry professionals, creating a bridge between pharmaceutical industry and real-world applications. 

Devon O’Neill

Cork, Ireland

Master of Science, Trinity College Dublin, UCC, UCD. Senior Medical Writer for Amgen, CSL, ICON. For more than 18 years, serving as a personal coach and consultant for C-level leadership and management in therapeutical areas: diabetes, immunology, oncology. With a commitment to embracing innovative educational technologies, Devon has seamlessly transitioned into the role of Ladavius Academy Lecturer.

Patrick Murphy

Cork, Ireland

Senior Learning Consultant. Bachelor’s degree, UCC, Cork. Patrick has dedicated his career to bridging the realms of academia and industry. Having served as an Oncology Portfolio Support Specialist, mentor and professional tutor, their specialized insights into the intricacies of pharmaceuticals, particularly in the oncology domain, provide a unique perspective that enriches our curriculum. 

Sviatoslav Lupiichuk

Ternopil, Ukraine

Explorer and researcher, Master in Psychology, Certified NLP (IGNLP) and CBT (IGCBT) practitioner. Five years of dedicated profound self-exploration. Three comprehensive courses for professional psychologists and three popular psychology courses, over 20 lectures at offline events. Three years of counselling practice, 550+ positive testimonials.

Anna Sidun  

Montreal, Canada

Anna Sidun is an educator and tutor from Montréal, Canada. She holds a degree in Education as well as Art History and Film Studies from Concordia University. She worked for several years within the educational system and eventually the non-profit sector. She works at the Fraser-Hickson Institute, established in 1885, and manages several community-outreach projects.

Daryna Ladanovska

Cork, Ireland

Master of Science. As Regulatory Affairs professional (GLOBAL) – had experience in registration of original biological products, generics, veterinary products in 27 countries around the world (EMEA, LATAM, ASEAN, MENA, Africa, CIS…). Regulatory Affairs Professional Society Member and RAPS certificate holder. Was part of IQVIA – Clinical Trial Regulatory Management Team, global.
Currently working at Eli Lilly and Co. – Global Business Solutions, Cork, Ireland as a Senior Clinical Trials Capabilities Associate.

Linda Pelosi

Cork, Ireland

Lecturer at the Ladavius Academy, sharing an expertise as a Clinical Development and Project Management Industry Professional. Master in Bioinformatics. With 26 years of experience, Linda has successfully managed global start-up and maintenance projects. As a former EMA Advisor on orphan drugs, Member of Ethics Committee (ISS), GRIDALL MBA Model Tutor, and Coach, she is passionate about guiding and mentoring aspiring professionals.

Ivan Romaniuk

Mayotte, France

Masters in Didactics of Language, University of Grenoble Alpes. More than 8 years of successful tutoring in English and French. Several volunteering projects involving teaching of French. Had experience in a number of positions related to writing and translating academic and professional English. Currently working as a Business English instructor at LAI and a French teacher at the Doujani middle school on the island of Mayotte, France.