Ladavius Academy is a global professional organisation and learning academy, accredited by European Centre of Certification in E-Learning.

We offer professional development courses, industry news and certification for those, who want to excel in their career in pharmaceutical and corporate fields.

With more than 1200 members around the world, we are responsible for the successful operations and advancement in Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs and Management.

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With a focus on developing practical skills and industry-specific knowledge, many of our members have gone on to work at international companies such as Pfizer, GSK, IQVIA, Lilly and Co., 3M, MARS Corporation, and many more.

Farbod Nayebi

Catanzaro, Italy

Online studying was convenient for me. The instructors, who were experts in their field, provided me with a comprehensive understanding of clinical research and regulatory medical writing, preparing me to contribute effectively to new treatment development. Thank you to Susan, Devon and Ellen.

I was delighted to discover Ladavius Academy’s course in Humanistic Approach. The instructors’ prompt responses to my questions allowed me to improve my leadership qualities, identify areas for improvement, and refine my understanding of the subject. This personalized approach to feedback played a significant role for me.

Robert Jack White

Toronto, Canada

I was able to improve not only my knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector, but also in project management and process organisation. Grateful to meet reliable lecturers and Ladavius informative professional specialisation!

Kris King

Cork, Ireland

Bryan Adams


Because of Ladavius Academy I was able to change a position to more senior in 2 international companies within 3 years! Now I’m holding a management position at MARS Corporation. I’m also a Senior Scientist within Academy. Highly recommend. 

I increased my leadership potential, received valuable niche knowledge in pharmaceutical drug development and cannot be more happier. After job hoping increased my income in 2 times, Ladavius Academy, Ireland in CV looks solid. Thanks for all your support, network. 

Jeffrey Johnson

New York City, USA

Our Benefits

Professional Specialisation

Professional Specialisation packages offer a comprehensive industry education that goes beyond acquiring hard skills and deep expertise. These packages also focus on developing essential soft skills, which are highly valued by employers in today’s competitive job market. Learn more.

Private Social Network

Within Academy, we have established an exclusive and private social network for our members. This platform allows our community of A+ professionals to expand their network by adding new connections, stay in touch, and exchange knowledge and insights.

Personolized approach
As a valued member of our community, we recognize the importance of personalized support for your learning journey. That is why, upon becoming a member, you will be assigned with a dedicated eLearning/Campus Consultant who will serve as your personal guide and advisor.

Educational Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures of LAI develop and manage an achievement of strategic objectives for excellence through certification and recognition procedures within Ireland and EU.

Referral Program

The most determined members who have achieved the Senior Scientist title (900 LAI credits) may be recommended for certain positions in top pharmaceutical companies and international corporations, both on a global and country level. Learn more.


With our worldwide recognized postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas you will be able to update your CV with Ladavius Academy, Ireland educational program.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and LAI credits can be earned. 

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