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Farbod Nayebi

Catanzaro, Italy

Online studying was convenient for me. The instructors, who were experts in their field, provided me with a comprehensive understanding of clinical research and medical writing, preparing me to contribute effectively to new treatment development. Thank you to Susan, Devon and Ellen.

Robert Jack White

Toronto, Canada

I was delighted to discover Ladavius Academy’s course in Humanistic Approach. The instructors’ prompt responses to my questions allowed me to improve my leadership qualities, identify areas for improvement, and refine my understanding of the subject. This personalized approach to feedback played a significant role for me.

Bryan Adams


Because of Ladavius Academy I was able to change a position to more senior in 2 international companies within 3 years! Now I’m holding a management position at MARS Corporation. I’m also a Senior Scientist within Academy. Highly recommend. 

Kris King

Cork, Ireland

I was able to improve not only my knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector, but also in confident management and process organisation. Grateful to meet reliable lecturers and Ladavius informative professional specialisation!

Jeffrey Johnson

New York City, USA

I increased my leadership potential, received valuable niche knowledge in pharmaceutical drug development and cannot be more happier. After job hoping increased my income in 2 times, Ladavius Academy, Ireland in CV looks solid. Thanks for all your support, network. 

Esmera Carlos

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Wow!! Thank you for promoting the whole package of skills needed. I wish everyone in working environment will realize the importance of psychology and negotiation strategies, a holistic approach. Great people, knowledge, materials and everyday LAI credits 🙂

Jacob Snowy

New York City, USA

The Project Management program has significantly improved my ability to lead with empathy, resolve conflicts constructively, and prevent burnout in the demanding world of business, 10/10.

Annesha Som


Thank You for taking time and teaching it so patiently. I have enjoyed courses throughout.

Zoe Murphy


This course was a valuable resource for me as I prepare to start my career in clinical research.

Rohan Reed

Cork, Ireland

I guess someone’s already said this, but.. I was particularly impressed with the course’s use of case studies. The tutor used real-world examples to illustrate key concepts and to show how the principles covered in the course are applied in practice.

Łukasz Sadowski


1. The course in Business English was well-organized and easy to follow. 2. The instructors broke down complex topics into manageable chunks. 3. This course is for anyone who wants to prepare for a career in an increasingly interconnected world. 4. Recommend.
Andrea Flynn


As a student in bioengineering, I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course. It has not only enriched my understanding of clinical trials but has also inspired me to pursue a career in this field, thanks.

Clodagh Johnson


What I found most impressive about Medical Writing program is that lecturers made sure to incorporate relevant real-world regulatory examples and case studies throughout the course, ensuring that the material was relevant and practical.
Priya Sharma


The knowledge and skills I’ve gained have already proven valuable in my current role, and I am confident that they will continue to be beneficial as I advance in clinical research.
Dr Ishanpreet singh


excellent job, good program
Mariam Khanjyan


Lectures on CTA, approval processes, and key documents were amazing. Сovering trial phases, regulatory processes, and site activation offered practical insights crucial for my career.

Pallavi Kaulwar


EQ program has significantly improved my ability to lead with empathy, resolve conflicts constructively, and prevent burnout in the demanding world of business, 10/10.

Aisha Hayes


Highly recommended for anyone navigating diverse environments. The Humanistic Approach Course provides a comprehensive exploration of cross-cultural dynamics. Thanks for a great journey from cultural awareness to conflict resolution.

Jack T.


I am glad that I took Medical Writing course. It was very helpful. Tutor explained all important aspects of the course precisely but covered all necessary details and guidance.

Mónica Fernandes

Barcelona, Spain

I feel like the curriculum was tailor-made for PMs entering the world of pharma. “Project Management in Pharmaceutical Industry” course positioned me for success in my transition to pharmaceutical field. Perfect.

S. Schwarz


Psychology course is a must for aspiring leaders! LAI credits are motivational for me to get Business Card, thanks.

Pallavi Tripathi


I am applying for an Associate CMC Regulatory Affairs position with no regulatory experience. I have a Quality Assurance background and RA course definitely made me feel more prepared for my interview!

Whitney Davis

Boston, USA

Topic was clear and up to the points. [Project Management course review]

T. P. Malik


The course is having very elaborative information, but some diagrams are not readable at the slide, good that you provided additional materials

Ananya K.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

I am transitioning from a research associate who was 100% involved into scientific laboratory research to an associate medical writer. This course was a very good start to learn a new skill and to transition into the new career I am trying to be an expert in. I would recommend the course.