Why Study at LAI?

We help individuals develop successful careers by boosting their confidence and providing practical tips and specialized knowledge.

Our focus is on improving self-presentation, as well as developing both soft and hard skills. 

Ladavius Academy equips members with valuable connections and opportunities in the pharmaceutical and corporate world.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just beginning your career, Ladavius Academy offers numerous benefits to help you excel and establish a desirable profile for employers.

These advantages include:

Referral Program

The most determined members and graduates who have achieved the Senior Scientist title (900 LAI credits) may also benefit from additional opportunities in top international companies. Through Employee Referral Programs at these companies, such individuals may be recommended for certain agreed and desired positions. This not only highlights the recognition of their expertise and skills by their peers, but also opens doors to further career advancement. 

Professional Specialisation

Professional specialsation packages (bundles) offer students a comprehensive and well-rounded education that goes beyond just acquiring hard skills and deep expertise in a particular field. These packages also focus on developing essential soft skills such as communication, confidence, management, and psychology, which are highly valued by employers in today’s competitive job market. The combination of technical knowledge and soft skill development provided by professional specialisation packages prepares students to excel in their chosen profession and stand out among their peers. Learn more.