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Business and Professional English

All levels
13 lessons
3 quizzes
223 students


  • At least an A2 level in Oral and Written Comprehension


  • 200 LAI credits, 3 CECs
  • Research Scientist Title
  • Academy membership
  • Mobile access
  • Lifetime access
  • Postgraduate Certificate
  • Language: English

Target audiences

  • Graduates, Postgraduates, PhD. Students (any specialisation)
  • Corporate professionals seeking to enhance their English skills
  • Managers, team leaders, and executives aiming to create a more empathetic and efficient team environment

If you were looking to improve your communication, negotiation skills, prepare better for the Interview and create a CV, this Business English Course is for you! Instead of overwhelming you with impractical theoretical knowledge, this course focuses primarily on providing you with useful and concrete tools and tips on how to boost your Business and Professional English.

Course Benefits:

  • Practical Learning and Assignments.
  • Improve your Business Speaking Skills: negotiate, lead the calls, build network.
  • 4 CV/Resume templates enclosed.
  • Prepare for Job Application and Interview.
  • Opportunity to get a personalised advice and proofreading. 

The introductory part of the course provides you with a review of some key concepts related to English vocabulary and grammar, allowing you to become an efficient and autonomous learner.

In the main part, you will learn how to communicate properly in a variety of situations, which you will definitely face, or which you are already facing, in your work or business routine.

Such situations include, for example, introducing yourself to your new business partner or colleague, staying polite when giving business phone calls, or even negotiating the price.

And if you are new to the world of work, do not worry! We are not going to be missing on basics, such as writing a cover letter, improving your CV and passing a job interview.

Now that you are ready, let’s get down to business!

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Masters in Didactics of Language, University of Grenoble Alpes. More than 8 years of successful tutoring in English and French. Several volunteering projects involving teaching of French. Had experience in a number of positions related to writing and translating academic and professional English. Currently working as a Business English instructor at LAI and a French teacher at the Doujani school on the island of Mayotte, France.