Certification in Clinical Research

1 Week
0 lessons
0 quizzes
289 students


  • Upper Intermediate level of English Writing, good quality Internet connection.
  • Terminology knowledge
  • Basic understanding of key topics: Clinical Research, Clinical Trials


  • 7 days, 1 assignment
  • Downloadable resources
  • Useful guide
  • 200 LAI credits
  • Research Scientist Title
  • Academy membership
  • Mobile access

Target audiences

  • Graduates, Postgraduates, PhD. Students (life-science specialisation)
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Clinical Trials Specialists
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialists

The Certification in Clinical Research program is designed for individuals aspiring to excel in the field of clinical research by providing comprehensive certification-based training in research methodologies, regulatory requirements, and ethical considerations. This program equips candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct high-quality clinical research studies and contribute to advancements in healthcare.

Assignment: Research Proposal Development

As part of the Certification in Clinical Research program, candidates are required to complete a research proposal development assignment within one week. This assignment aims to assess candidates’ ability to formulate a research proposal that addresses a clinical research question effectively. Candidates are provided with specific guidelines and objectives for the assignment, which include:

  1. Choosing a clinical research topic of interest.
  2. Conducting a thorough literature review to identify existing knowledge and research gaps.
  3. Developing a research question or hypothesis based on the literature review.
  4. Designing a research proposal encompassing the background and significance of the research topic, specific aims and objectives, methodology (including study design, participants, and data collection methods), potential challenges, and ethical considerations.
  5. Writing a concise research proposal following appropriate formatting guidelines, such as APA style.

Example of the Research Proposal Document:

An example of the final document required for the research proposal development assignment is provided to candidates as a reference. This example demonstrates the expected structure, content, and formatting of the research proposal, serving as a guide for candidates in completing their own assignments. The example document showcases a well-developed research proposal addressing a clinical research question, incorporating a relevant literature review, clear research objectives, detailed methodology, and consideration of potential challenges and ethical considerations.

1 week for the assignment completion.

Postgraduate Certificate Requirement:

Successful completion (80%+) of the research proposal development assignment is a prerequisite for obtaining the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Research. Candidates must submit their research proposal documents by the specified deadline and meet the evaluation criteria outlined by the program faculty. Upon satisfactory completion of all program requirements, including the research proposal assignment, candidates will be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Research, validating their proficiency in clinical research methodologies and practices. The Certification allows candidates up to 5 attempts to pass, ensuring a thorough evaluation of their ability to effectively communicate complex medical information in regulatory contexts.

The Certification in Clinical Research program offers a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare candidates for rewarding careers in clinical research, empowering them to contribute to the advancement of medical science and patient care.

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